Opportunity to Earn

The New Play to Earn Model

Stable Tokens

Backed by fiat reserve. Cash out in-game at any time. No wallet needed. Participate in the player based economy to earn!

Chesare, a Cypher in Versus Metaverse
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Versus Metaverse Symbol

The $VS Token

Powering the player economy of Versus.
Purchase and redeem in-game.

Item shop in Versus Metaverse

The Player Economy

Versus features a Market to trade game assets and Job Board to hire players to complete contracts for $VS.

Cypher Tournaments

Buy in to arena tournaments with $VS Tokens to win a share of the prize pool!

Octupunch, a Cypher in Versus Metaverse

Play to Earn Done Right

No complicated tokenomics, just stable token earnings.

The Old Play to Earn


Tokens backed by nothing continue to increase in supply rapidly regardless of demand.

High Barrier to Entry

Before even opening the game players need knowledge including wallets, multiple blockchains, bridges, NFTs. Earning and cashing out require risky third party exchanges.

Volatile Price Action and Risks

Price is dependent on infinite demand with impossibly high growth rates. As soon as demand slows price collapses and your hard work disappears.

The New Opportunity to Earn


Tokens are only created when purchased balancing supply and demand.

Easily Accessible

No gatekeeping and no blockchain knowledge required. Start playing within minutes, earn tokens and cash out all in-game without wallets or third party exchanges.

Stable $VERSUS tokens

Tokens are backed by the fiat currency used to purchase. Redeem at a stable price in app with peace of mind that value won’t collapse.

Opportunity to Earn in Action

Let’s look at the journey of this one player in Versu. Let’s call him Carl!

Fishing Animation in Versus Metaverse

Once in the game world, our player, Carl explores and find that he enjoys to fish in Crustshore Bay and start catching fish. Over time their fishing skill will level up, allowing them to catch rarer and rarer fish.

They decide to join a “fishing enthusiasts” club in-game to share tips and tricks on how to catch rarer fish!

Carl learns that these rare fish can be purchased by other players who need the resource as part of a recipe for an item they want to craft.

So Carl lists their rare fish on the global in-game exchange and another player purchases those assets for $VS Tokens.

Eventually Carl earns enough Versus tokens to purchase a Cypher Pack. They acquire their first Cyphers and take some of their earnings to try their luck at the Battle Arena. There they enter a tournament paying a buy-in of Versus Tokens.

They win the tournament, earning more Versus Tokens. One of their competitors had a cool cosmetic that made their Cyphers look awesome! They have to have that too. So they take their Versus Tokens and purchase some skins from the in-game item shop. They also see that there are even more Cyphers with different affinities and skills that might better round out their 3D fighting team in the arena. So, they go to the global in-game exchange and buy a few Cyphers.

Carl then joins a guild to learn tips to better optimize their skills in the arena.

One player in their guild gifts them blueprints to build a home! In their home they proudly display their tournament trophies and few prized Giraffes.

Carl decides to keep some of their winnings to continue playing tournaments, but want to cash out the rest. In-game they go into the menu and redeem their $VS Tokens directly for local currency.

Metadash, a Cypher in Versus Metaverse

In this example, the player, Carl entered Versus assuming one primary value proposition: fun! They started with nothing and downloaded a free app. They had fun, joined guilds, made new friendships, completed several in-game purchases, won in-game tournaments and earned fiat.

They also had the peace of mind that their tokens had stable value since they are backed by fiat. There was no fear of sudden loss in value of their earned tokens. They, however, were not simply given tokens for their presence. They had to earn those tokens through their efforts and were given the opportunity to do so in Versus. This is our “Opportunity to Earn” model.

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