Explore an Immersive World






Discover Versus

Explore the mysteries of Versus and make your mark on the land!

Those who come ashore find a diverse and talkative community in Crustshore Bay. Some reveal more about the world or offer helpful tips!

Earn Tokens

The player economy provides new opportunity.

Complete Jobs

Check out the Job Board where you can complete deliveries, quests, or whatever else players choose to hire for to receive $VS.

Item shop in Versus Metaverse

Sell Items

Get rewarded for your hard work. Sell resources and items in-game commodity exchanges and auction houses for $VSTokens.

Make Your Mark on Versus

Your adventure awaits

Create Your Look

Fully customize your digital self with  crafted and earned cosmetics. The possibilities are endless.


Discover exciting regions with unique environments, cultures and style. Say hi to the Citizens of Versus!

Gather Resources

Chop, mine, dig, harvest, forage, fish, and more while hunting down rare crafting ingredients.

Level Up Skills

Skills level up when used. Unlock the ability to access new resources, recipes, and areas.

Buy Land

Own land in the game world to make a personal impact! Use your land in the global economy for the opportunity to earn stable tokens.

Craft Items

Customize your character, home, Cypher, and land by with a variety of beautiful craftable and earnable items.

Build your Dream Home

Purchase desirable plots of land and craft unique items to build your dream home. Then show it off to your friends!

Versus Guilds

Find community! Specialized tools will enable unique possibilities for guilds in Versus.

Your Cypher Companion

Cyphers are your digital companions in Versus. Collect them to build powerful teams for the battle arena or to gain access to otherwise unreachable regions and uncover a rich quest.

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